Dijon limestone is a particular type of limestone. Here at Natural Stone Tiles Ltd, we stock and sell the finest Dijon flagstones for you to install in your home or on your business premises. Sort our range of Dijon limestone flooring products today according to type or budget so that you can find the flooring that perfectly encapsulates your design needs.

The tonal variations of Dijon limestone are subtle, with shades ranging from beige to grey. This makes it a desirable choice of flooring for those households that have a minimalistic or pared-back aesthetic. An attractive feature of Dijon limestone is that it often has calcite veining and, occasionally, small fossils encased within the stone. This is a great talking point and a reliable way of adding value. Dijon limestone also has the advantage of being incredibly durable. It’s a material that promises to stand the test of time, meaning you can enjoy it in your home for years to come.

Dijon flagstones are also a great choice for busy households that experience a lot of daily footfall, as it's a material that naturally resists any damage. Thanks to its density, Dijon limestone is suitable for use in many areas of the house. This includes the kitchen, bathroom and any utility rooms. This also makes it an excellent choice for communal areas within business premises, such as reception areas or meeting rooms.

Dijon limestone is also a great choice for outdoor use, such as on a patio area. This is because it's able to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as wind, rain and snow. Browse the range of Dijon limestone slab products today for your flooring needs. At Natural Stone Tiles Ltd, we supply quality flagstones to suit many price points and unique requirements.

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