We only sell 1st grade Italian porcelain unless other wise specified

Rectified porcelain has straight edges

Non Rectified is natural edge

Cemento Dark Porcelain Rectified Porcelain
A cool dark cement shade for an industrial look in a prime porcelainInternal 0.8 cm120x60x0.890x90x0..
Cemento Light Porcelain Rectified
Sizes – 60×120 cm Internal  90×90 cm Internal 61×61 cm Internal120x40x2 cm External R11 61...
Cemento Medium 60x30
Italian PorcelainSize – 600x300x6mmNR £18 (non rectified 3mm grout joint required)..
CEMENTO MEDIUM RECTIFIED PORCELAIN, 50% DISCOUNT 1200x600, 900x900 from £29 and 750×750 or 600x600 FROM £25 m2 (External Available from £29 in 610x610x20 or 900x450x20)
Very Chick and at 50% RRP1200x600x10 £29900x900x10 £29900x450x8 £27750x750x10 £25600x600x8 £25Living..
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