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Hardy limestone perfect for creating a sophisticated look. Warm sandy tones with little pools of grey the light distressing leaves these slabs with a smooth surface not entirely rustic but a beautifully refined stone offering character and warmth. It is also very hard limestone and Clams and Oysters are clearly visible with other smaller shell fossils, it has very few veins and it could easily be mistaken for an English cotswold stone

Living, kitchen, bathroom. commercial

Also available in 25 mm Tumbled and Brushed or 20mm tumbled for external use see external 

Tile dims. +-2mm
90×60 x1.5cm
Approx 25 m2 per pallet


Approx 16 m2 per 2.5cm

to order;

FLx60 x2cm (eg 90×60, 80×60, 70×60, 60×60)


Approx 16 m2 per 2.5cm 

We recommend sealing with Stain Proof to protect the stone as long as possible. Our selection of limestone tiles offers a bro